Author Daniel Wilson

The process of how to fix cracks in walls is an important issue for any person who has noticed defects after covering the walls or ceiling with this material. But the interesting thing is that there is nothing complicated in repairing drywall, and now we will show to fix cracks in walls from house settling.

Step-by-step instructions for fixing a crack on a wall.

Drywall is an environmentally friendly and safe building material that can be damaged by careless movement. When damage has occurred on the wall, in which the sheet structure itself does not collapse, the following denting technique is used. Everyone can solve the problem with such defect, for this, our team show to fix cracks in walls from house settling. So let's get started.

·     Step 1. Cut the edges with a clerical knife

After you have examined the place of the defect for making clear the procedure of how to fix cracks in plaster wall, you need to cut out this defect with a special tool (maybe a knife or any other convenient equipment for you). Strictly along the contour of the scratch cut out a part, making the scratch deeper.

·     Step 2. Clean the crack

To ensure that our wall is even in the future, make sure that there are no sharp edges on the wall.

·     Step 3. Putty

Mandatory step, before the next action. In this way, we can fill in the bumps.

·     Step 4. Put the plaster grid

The plaster grid in this case will help you align the layer of the wall, and make it even. Try to lay the plaster grid so that it completely covers the scratch.

·     Step 5. Putty again

After we installed the plaster grid, we need to fix it with putty. Do not use too much material, it is enough to completely cover the plaster grid with putty.

·     Step 6. Grinds

At this point, you should smooth out any bumps with a sponge or any other equipment. Spin the rotating movement along the work surface, and the deed is done.

·     Step 7. Paint the wall

Use the right paint and paint the wall. Allow the paint to cool slightly, and the point is in the hat.


With the help of these steps, you can get a new wall without any damages. Just try and you will be succeeded in the procedure of how to fix large cracks in walls. But the main rule, stickily follow the steps and then the result will be shocked you. For better understanding just see the according to video. It must be remembered that the methods described, how to how to fix a dent in the wall, are used when the damaged area is insignificant. If the damage dimensions are large, then a complete sheet replacement will be a rational and appropriate solution.


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