Author Daniel Wilson

The question of how to fix a dent in the wall is quite relevant since drywall is not included in the list of durable materials, so making a hole in it is very simple. You may see a lot of video like how to fix a dent in the wall with toothpaste or something like this, but be sure using this instruction – all you need is your own hands and a few tools for solving problem.

Step-by-step instructions for fixing a dent in the wall.

To solve the issues of how to fix a dent in the wall without paint, you do not need to be a specialist, just follow the instructions. This instruction will help to understand not only how to fix a large dent in the wall, but also how to fix a small dent in the wall.

·     Step 1. Putty

The issues of how to fix a dent in the wall fast – is very relevant, that why the first step is inspection the area. You should visually identify the boundaries of an intact, durable sheet. Using the tool, putty is put on the damaged area, trying to do this as evenly as possible. Be sure to remove the excess so that after drying there are no bumps in the area.

·     Step 2. Put the plaster grid

The next step of how to fix a dent in the wall - putting the plaster grid on the place where the putty is applied. This will help us make the wall even in the future.

·     Step 3. Putty again

Immediately apply another layer of putty to the plaster grid to overlap the plaster grid. At this stage, let the material dry, because the quality of work will depend on this. And only when you make sure that the surface is completely dry, then you can go to the next step.

·     Step 4. Grinds

Do not forget that our task is to obtain a new absolutely smooth wall, which is why with the help of a sponge or any other tool you need to smooth the layer in a circular motion. Make it even and smooth.

·     Step 5. Paint the wall

This is the last step of the procedure of how to fix a big dent in the wall. After the putty has dried, this area of the wall should be painted with paint using a soft cloth. Work carefully and apply the paint with the same effort as when painting the entire wall so that the paint does not stand out after drying.


If you want to know how to fix a dent in the wall with toothpaste or just about how to fix a dent in the wall, just follow this step and you will succeed in it!


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