Author Daniel Wilson

Drywall hole repair is not a difficult process that it can be seemed. Using this instruction, you will easily understand how to fix a hole in the wall. You will need a small number of tools, a little perseverance and your wall will again become new. Try to clearly follow the sequence of steps if you want the result to be amazing.

It Is Possible to Fix Hole In Wall With Your Own Hands.

So, we have a certain algorithm that will allow you to do a drywall hole repair by your efforts, with elementary tools and material, if you find a hole in a drywall surface. Follow these steps for getting successful results in the process of how to repair a hole in drywall.

·     Step 1. Cut a square from gypsum board

First of all, to fix hole in sheetrock, you should carry out a mandatory inspection of the hole. Next, on a separate piece of drywall, you need to cut out a square that will block your hole in the future. 

·     Step 2 Apply gypsum board to the wall

The next to step for making clear the procedure of how to cut a hole in drywall and repair – is cutting out an even square, it is necessary to substitute the figure against the wall so that it completely overlaps the wall.

·     Step 3. Pencil black contour around gypsum board

So that in the future all our actions correspond to the proportions for drywall hole repair, it is necessary to take measurements. To do this, we attach our carved square of plasterboard to the wall and draw a pencil around the border.

·     Step 4. Cut a hole in the wall by markings

After taking measurements of hole in wall repair, we use a special knife or any other convenient tool for you to cut a hole strictly leading to the borders. That is, at this stage we turn from the round (oval) hole into a square one. This is done to remove the gypsum board of poor quality in structure since as a result of getting wet or shock, it becomes brittle.

·     Step 5. Clean edges

At this stage, you need to bring the torn edges of our rectangular holes in order, if there are sharp chips. Only after the edges have become even and smooth, it can be considered that the preparation of the wall for restoration is ready.

·     Step 6. Fix the support for the patch inside with screws

This step will help to understand how to patch a hole in drywall. You should take a wooden bar or mounting plate, which will be the connecting element of the main structure and the repair piece. It should be slightly larger than the prepared hole to protrude beyond its edges. The strap is inserted into the hole and secured with ordinary screws, through the drywall. 

·     Step 7. Apply a patch of gypsum board to the support

In the resulting structure, in which the base for repair from wooden planks or wooden timber is already installed, we place the repair piece (square).

·     Step 8. Fasten it with screws

We fix our figure to wooden planks using self-tapping screws. Only after you make sure that everything is securely attached, you сan move on to the next step.

·     Step 9. Putty

This step will allow you to tightly fill the joints between the main structure and the repair piece of drywall with putty.

·     Step 10. Put the plaster grid

After the first layer of putty, it is necessary to put a plaster grid on the border of the hole.

·     Step 11. Putty

After installing the plaster grid, you must re-apply the putty on the borders, thereby leveling the layer.

·     Step 12. Grinds

We need this action to keep our layer even because our goal is a solid wall. Using a sponge or any other tool, try to make the layer as even as possible.

·     Step 13. Paint the wall

This is the last step to achieve the goal in the issues of how to fix a hole in the wall. Just pick up the paint and apply it evenly on the hole. Let the paint cool - and your wall will become new again.


The issues like how to repair a hole in drywall wall is very relevant, but it is not complicate. Fixing a hole in drywall is quite simple, and even an inexperienced master will cope with it. Listen to our tips, watch the corresponding video, and any work with drywall will be much easier.


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