Author Daniel Wilson

It is very difficult to overestimate the importance of such a modern building decoration material as drywall. Nevertheless, despite all its many advantages, the relatively fragile drywall sheets require careful handling. One careless movement or blow with something, and a leaky in the wall is provided to you! What to do? Then, use the «how to fix a leaky» instruction and the problem will disappear.

Step-by-step instructions for fixing a leaky on a wall.

There is an instruction for making sure the procedure of how to fix a leaky.

·     Step 1. Cut the edges with a clerical knife

Use a special knife and cut out the damaged area in shape. Be careful not to overdo it. Just deepen the cut shape a little and proceed to the next step.

·     Step 2. Clean from garbage

This stage will help us get rid of various debris that appeared after cutting.

·     Step 3. Putty

At this point, you need to use a putty knife and putty. Apply a small amount of putty on the work surface to fill the pit. Try not to put putty on the wall around the hole, as it dries and will interfere with painting. Only put on the putty knife with the required amount of putty.

·     Step 4. Put the plaster grid

Use the plaster grid to fix the surface. Install the plaster grid so that it completely covers the surface.

·     Step 5. Putty again

At this point, you need to apply a small amount of putty again on a well-fixed surface and allow it to cool. Check the area as it dries to determine if the dent is full. If the filler sags as it dries, a second coat may be required.

·     Step 6. Grinds

Putty is a fairly porous material, so the repaired place will need to be primed before painting. If you want your wall to be flat, then with a sponge or any other object, level the surface from unwanted lumps. Performing circular movements on the surface, your wall will become smooth.

·     Step 7. Paint the wall

The final stage is the painting of the wall. Everything is, as usual, use the right paint and paint the wall. Let it dry and your wall is ready.


As you can see, there is nothing complicated in fixing a leaky on the wall, you just need to watch the video and follow the instructions.

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